Fran Berger Drinks tea from a beautiful teacup

There is something very special about drinking tea out of a beautiful cup

There is something very special about drinking tea out of a beautiful teacup.  Most people use mugs – you know,…

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Easy Chicken Bone Broth

Right now, it’s not the easiest of times for all of us. Most of us (I’m in California so this…

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thank you note

The Lost Art of the Thank You Note

Or, "Do I really have to write that?" I always talk about entertaining at home but what about when you’ve…

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Flower Market or Farmer’s Market?

The best places to get the freshest flowers for your home. I love how fresh flowers look in my home. …

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plates for entertaining

How Many Plates do I Really Need?

4 is not a number no matter how many chairs are in your dining room! My kitchen table seats only…

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Help! I’m Having a Party – How Much Wine do I Need?

Do the Wine Math: It’ll save your party every time. I get asked a lot about how much wine is…

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Sophisticated Living – What is it?

More important, how to I obtain it? I often talk about sophisticated living and how everyone can live their lives…

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It’s Summer So It Must Be Corn Season!

Corn etiquette: how to pick it, store it, and fix a bad choice. I look forward to summer every year…

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roasted veggies yum

Recipe Idea: Prepping Roasted Veggies for Later

Great way to spread out the goodness of great tasting veggies. I know it’s July, but here in Los Angeles…

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summer spritzer

What’s the Best Summer Beverage in this Heat?

The simplest spritzer to help keep you cool in this heat. It’s summer. It’s hot, even in the evening. You…

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storing and serving wine

Tips on Storing and Serving Wine

How do you know if you’re doing it right? Picture it:  You’re at a good restaurant with friends and one…

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Tips on How to Ripen that Rock-Hard Avocado

Can’t find a ripe avocado and you need one (or more) to make guacamole tomorrow? You invited friends over tomorrow…

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