thank you note

The Lost Art of the Thank You Note

Or, "Do I really have to write that?" I always talk about entertaining at home but what about when you’ve…

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plates for entertaining

How Many Plates do I Really Need?

4 is not a number no matter how many chairs are in your dining room! My kitchen table seats only…

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Help! I’m Having a Party – How Much Wine do I Need?

Do the Wine Math: It’ll save your party every time. I get asked a lot about how much wine is…

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Sophisticated Living – What is it?

More important, how to I obtain it? I often talk about sophisticated living and how everyone can live their lives…

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summer punch feature

Recipe for Summer Punch: Champagne, Fruit, and Fun Ice

An adult drink with champagne that only looks fruity sweet (it isn’t). It’s summer and that means outdoor or indoor…

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Party treat: Champagne Jello Shots

This is the little party treat that will make a big splash at your next gathering. There are so many…

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Get ready for a spring time treat—Roasted Asparagus

It’s a quick home recipe for roasted asparagus that’s perfect for any meal. I love the taste of fresh asparagus.…

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How to get the best zest from your citrus.

My three most favorite types of citrus zest: curly, sliced, and fine grated. I’m sure most of you have already…

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Pre-party Check: Favorite soap in the powder room?

Often overlooked by you, but not by your guests. As my mom used to say, “A little soap goes a…

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How to make a perfect “starter” with a great Shrimp Cocktail!

An easy recipe for shrimp cocktail that’s tasty and lovely to look at. I have never met a “starter” I…

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Defining the 10 Essential Tools for Beginner Cooks

What you need to know about the top 10 essential tools for your kitchen. A client of mine just bought…

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What your dinner party guests really care about!

At your next dinner party, try these ideas to keep a fun night really rolling. I can’t tell you how…

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