Clean your kitchen sponge

Kitchen Safety Tip – avoid food borne bacteria and clean that sponge!

Kitchen sponges can be as dirty as your toilet! So clean or replace them regularly. I like smart people, but…

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Fran preps leafy vegetables

Kitchen hack: Save your leafy herbs, chop them the right way

How to chop leafy herbs AND keep all that wonderful flavor for your recipe. Open a recipe and you’ll find…

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olive oil fran berger

How to pick olive oil – read the labels!

Want a great olive oil? Here are 6 tips for reading labels and looking for signs. I went to dinner…

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Fran Berger dicing onions

How to dice an onion – the easy way.

This trick will make dicing onions quick and so very simple. Onions get all the grief. They stink up our…

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How to zest citrus for your recipe

My Three Tips to get the best of your ‘zest’. A friend of mine and I were looking over a…

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keep your guacamole green

We love our Guacamole FRESH

Use this method to keep your guacamole fresh looking – even after you prepare it the night before! You have…

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You love green avocados

We love our Avocados GREEN

An easy to remember trick to keep your cut avocados from turning that unappetizing brown. If you have been following…

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Fran Berger - cutting mangoes

Kitchen Tip: How to slice a mango

Love the mango – tips on picking, prepping, and enjoying. A few weeks ago, I was with a friend, walking…

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What's in your spice cabinet?

Kitchen Hacks: Must Have Spices for any Home Cook

“Sniff test” your cabinet – it may be full of spices but are they still usable? Even if you cook…

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Kitchen Updates

Time to Clean out the Kitchen Drawers?

Out with the old tools and the odds gadgets – and make sure you get these must-haves. It’s true that…

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Fran Berger and her cookware.

Is it time to update your cookware?

Celebrate the New Year or a New Home with new non-stick cookware from All-Clad and Staub. Maybe you’ve moved. Maybe…

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roasted grapes

Holiday Appetizers: hors d’oeuvres and finger foods, yum!

Tips for making your holiday appetizers truly appealing. Planning a holiday party? Start with all the ones you’ve seen –…

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