Fran Berger, Home Decor

Enjoy Al Fresco Dining – Even in Winter!

What a great opportunity – to cozy up with warm drinks, hot food, and close friends. The Italians love dining…

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Fran Berger home decor ideas

Upgrade your Coffee Table or Dining Room Table

Make a statement with cool accents and fabulous conversation starters. A lesson I learned from my mother: if it has…

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Happy Valentine's Day - from Russia with Love

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Adult Beverage

Celebrate love and friendships with this favorite cocktail recipe. There’s more to a mixed drink than a chunk of fruit,…

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outdoor decor

Tips and Hints for your Outdoor Winter Décor

Because your home should look as good on the outside as it does on the inside. Yards look so sad…

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s'mores and an outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Dining for (almost) anywhere.

Just because it’s a little chilly outside doesn’t mean you can’t have your party outdoors. I’m not talking about freezing…

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Fran Berger 2018 Welcome

Another Year with Sophisticating Living

What I’ve learned about sophisticated living – and how I’m taking it to the next level in 2018. A friend…

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Fran Berger - home decor

How about a New Years’ Day party?

An excellent way to balance a great NYE party is an excellent NYD Open House. New Year’s Eve is a…

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Fran's tipping guide for the holidays

How Much to Tip when I travel?

Tipping guidelines for keeping up with etiquette while traveling. There are general travel tipping guidelines, but during the holidays it’s…

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A quick pickle VERT

Recipe for a Quick Pickle

An easy “pickle” recipe that’s great for home or as a gift. I had a great Bloody Mary at Silverado…

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Handy tipping guide

A Handy Tipping Guide for the Holidays

The easy "how-to" for tipping during the holidays. We all have service people that help us throughout the year, but…

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Fran Berger and Gift Wrapping tips

Tips for Wrapping Presents for the Holidays

Isn't it time to change up your Christmas wrapping skills? I was always the gift wrapper at my house while…

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Holiday Stocking Stuffer vert

Holiday Home Entertaining Tip – Stocking Stuffers!

A fun update for an ancient holiday tradition. I think one of the most fun and endearing holiday traditions is…

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