Fran Berger home decor ideas

Upgrade your Coffee Table or Dining Room Table

Make a statement with cool accents and fabulous conversation starters. A lesson I learned from my mother: if it has…

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magnums as tabletop centerpiece

Entertaining at home with Magnums

How to use Magnums as a centerpiece for your dinner table. Entertaining at home presents a fun challenge for me…

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Give your flowers a reason to SING!

Your Table Top: turn ordinary into extraordinary with unusual flower containers. Don’t you love to wander in a flower garden…

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al fresco dinner ware

The Right Way to Enjoy Al Fresco Dining

Dining outdoors - perfect for longer, warmer nights. Days are getting longer and the nights are warming up – a…

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Serving Caviar for a Tasting?

Handy tips for serving caviar at your next event.   When you own restaurants, as I did for more than…

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What kind of Champagne Glasses?

Easy hints and tips for the "right" champagne glass for your party. It's a little joke between wine drinkers that…

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Tabletop place setting

What bread plate is mine?

Easy tips for setting your table, for every day! When my kids were at home, we always ate our meals…

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wine glasses on a tabletop

Let’s talk about serving wine.

You’re hosting a party. How much wine do you serve? How much wine should you pour in a glass? It…

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photo by Serge Esteve

Remember That Wine We Had?

Love wine, hate remembering labels? What's a Foodie to do?  I go out to dinner often and get to taste…

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The 3 Essentials for Any Home Bar

Party at home? Better get equipped. I always love to learn simple tricks and I got lucky today!! I spoke…

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