Charm Your Guests with This Inexpensive Party Tactic

It’s bound to happen. You’re at a party and you set down your glass to hold a plate, or to show someone your Amalfi coast vacation photos on your phone, or maybe just to visit the restroom. Then, when you look back, there are two other glasses where you set yours that look exactly the same. It’s happened to all of us and, when you’re the one hosting the party, it’s likely to happen to you several times throughout the evening because a host’s duties often require both hands. 

When guests are all drinking similar beverages, glasses are likely to get mixed up, particularly as the evening progresses. For guests, it can mean risking drinking after someone else. For a host, it can mean wasted beverages and extra dirty glasses. 

Fortunately, some clever, innovative people have created some charm-ing solutions. Better yet, many of the options available will fit on wine glasses, cocktail glasses, water glasses, and mugs. 

Wine charms have been around for several years and the styles just keep getting cuter. Think of these as jewelry for your stemware, and they fasten where the stem joins the base. Set them on the bar with a sign inviting guests to choose one.  For the rest of the night, they need only look for the flower, strawberry, animal, or phrase they selected. Some charms even allow guests to write a name or message directly on the charm. 

But wine charms aren’t the only option. There are also clips that attach to the top of the rim, and they come in fun shapes like lips and mustaches. There are reusable cocktail umbrellas in a variety of colors and hilarious musclemen. From elegant to whimsical, these are sure to be conversation starters as well as practical ways for your guests to keep track of their drink. 

Wine markers have come on the scene in recent years, as well. These are pens that allow your guests to write their names, or perhaps draw a design if they’re feeling creative, directly on their glass. When the party is over, the marker easily washes off in the dishwasher. It couldn’t be easier. 

There are so many cute, fun, reusable ways for your guests to identify their glasses. Now that we’re all a little extra knowledgeable about germs, none of us want to make a mistake and accidentally drink after someone else. Providing guests with a way to mark their glass is not just helpful, it’s healthful. And it will likely mean that you have fewer glasses to wash.


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