My 10-step, 5-minute Morning Beauty Routine

Somewhere along the way, we all got sold on the idea that looking great means committing to an expensive multi-step, multi-product skin regimen every day. Not true! 

At 71 years old, I frequently get asked about my morning routine. People don’t believe me when I tell them that my daily routine takes me just five minutes. Seriously! With minimal effort and very few products, I’m up, ready, and out the door in the same amount of time that it takes many people to get through just their first step. 

First things first, I’m lucky that I inherited my mother’s excellent skin. Also, I’ve always been careful about staying out of the sun and wearing sunblock, which helps me avoid the fine lines and skin discoloration that plague many others. But, I’m convinced that with a simple, daily routine and a few great products, anyone can have clean, clear, beautiful skin. 

Step One: Clean. I don’t really have a favorite cleanser. I use a very fine micro scrub on my face each morning so that my skin feels clean and ready for the day. 

Step Two: Lancôme Effacil Eye Makeup Remover. Shh! Don’t tell anyone, but I often don’t remove my eye makeup before going to sleep at night. I don’t wear a lot, so it’s isn’t awful, but I start each morning by removing anything that’s left so that I’ve got a clean slate to start my day. I really like Lancôme Effacil because it isn’t oily, so it doesn’t interfere with fresh eye makeup. 

Step Three: RéVive Soothing Skin Refresher toner. I swipe this all over my face to get my skin ready to receive serums. 

Step Four: Lancôme Serums. I love serums, and I especially love Lancôme products. I dab a little Génefique Yeux serum under each eye and pat it in and then apply Lancôme Advanced Génefique face serum and smooth it all over my face. 

Step Five: Sisley Stylo Lumière Concealer. As much as I’d love to say, “I woke up like this,” I am 71, and a little concealer under my eyes goes a long way to cover up dark circles. I dab some on and use a damp makeup sponge to smooth it. 

Step Six: Hourglass Ambient Powder. I don’t wear makeup every day, but I love wearing this highlighting powder daily just to even out my skin tone and take away any shine. 

Step Seven: Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil. Unfortunately, I plucked away my eyebrows when I was 16, and they never really grew back. Hourglass has a shade that matches my silver hair, so I take a few moments to draw in eyebrows each day so that my face will have more definition. 

Step Eight: Chanel Le Volume Mascara. I like navy blue because it’s not as harsh as black, but I do wear black if I’m going out at night. 

Step Nine: Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eyeliner. I like a color called Ocean Floor (dark navy).  I apply it to the wet-line on the outer half of my upper eyelids so that my eyes will look wide and open. Applying eyeliner to the inner corners makes eyes look small and closed, and that is not a look I want. 

Step Ten: RéVive SPF 50 Sunscreen. Like I mentioned before, my commitment to avoiding sun damage is largely what I have to thank for my skin’s condition, and I’m not about to stop a habit that has worked so well for me! I love this sunscreen because it doesn’t feel heavy. I dot it on my face, neck, and chest and rub it in. If my skin looks shiny afterward, I add a bit more powder. 

That’s it! Ten products, five minutes, and I’m out the door! 

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