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2018: Fran’s list of Gifts for Women

Challenged by originality? Remember to be thoughtful.

It’s probably a huge generalization, but I think it’s a lot easier to get a gift for a guy-friend than it is for a girl-friend. Not saying that guys are less sophisticated or that women are overly complex – not at all.I think it has more to do with being a woman, coming up with an original gift idea for another woman.

Originality is the challenge – many men don’t care that much about originality but for us women it’s in the DNA. How about this example: men don’t seem to mind much about showing up to a party with the same Tommy Bahama shirt as another guy. But – if two women show up to the same event wearing the same dress? Disaster!  I went to a black tie party once where THREE women showed up wearing the exact same designer dress. Talk about a problem…

And then, just when you think you’ve come up with the perfect gift idea, she tells you how much she loves your gift from last year –exactly what you thought was so original for this year! That’s why I have a notebook and why I keep track. I don’t do it to impress people that I’m original. I do it to keep myself organized. I love it when I give a gift and the eyes open wide from the sheer joy of receiving something unexpected. I delight in the art of giving in the very same way that I love to entertain guests who come to my gatherings. It’s no fun unless everyone is excited. And itjust so happens that “originality” is a key ingredient for that kind of success.

I’m constantly jotting ideas down all year long as I think of them. It took me nearly the whole year to build my gift lists: one for men, the other for women.  Here’s my 2018 list of Gift Ideas for Women, all thanks to Bloomingdales and Geary’s of Beverly Hills. And watch my video for a close look at all of these lovely gift ideas:

Scarfs from Zadiq & Voltaire. This label is one of my favorite fashion brands.I love all of their designs – especially the grey skulls!

Bedside Crystal Carafe and Glass from Majestic Gifts and a gorgeous tray from Juliska. Now, this is truly special and unique: a bedside crystal carafe on a special tray to keep your friend hydrated through the night. It’s always a good idea to have water by your bedside. If you wake up at night, like I do, it’ll be right there.

TinyTress Press from Dry Bar. Have a friend who has curly hair but wishes it was straight and loves to travel? This is perfect for them. It’s a detailing iron that nice and compact. Great for touch-ups while on the go. And–added bonus—it has a dual voltage feature that’s perfect for global nomads.

Lucky Butterfly from Baccarat. The butterfly is offered in twelve beautiful colors and absolute perfect quality, this is a jewel-like touch for your friend’s table top décor. The butterfly isa symbol of freedom and grace and giving the Papillon Lucky Butterfly is a way for you to express these qualities for your friend.  

Picture Frames from Match1995. I love pewter. And pewter picture frames are an excellent gift:  no polishing, no worries. Match1995 has other perfect gifts, handmade in pewter. This is a favorite brand of mine.

Collectible Animal Figurines from Herend. Start your friend’s collection, or help them take their existing one up a notch.These are truly exquisite collectible animal figurines, such lovely design and craftsmanship. And Herend has so many different little animals in multiple colors and most have a funny side to them (when pigs fly, bunny chef, frog in a meditation pose, just to name a few).

Scented Candles Decorative Candles from the Baobab Collection. Candles are such a lovely thing to add to a home. I love the flickering warmth of a tiny flame, especially when it’s framed inside one of these beautiful glass jars. The great thing is they burn completely down so the empty glass can be used for flowers!

If you love entertaining friends and family at home, then you’re already there for giving fabulous gifts for your friends. All they want is a little sign of your thoughtfulness. Originality comes along for the ride with the joy shared by all.

2018: Fran’s list of Gifts for Men

Putting thought into gifts for men takes a little effort, but it’s so very rewarding.

I admit it. I can get pretty particular sometimes. I still hand-write letters and thank you notes to friends and family. Yep. On paper! I admit my handwriting has gotten a bit sloppy over the years (I spend a lot of time on a keyboard) but I make the effort.  And, I still read a paper newspaper and real books. Oh, I’m not a tech hermit by any means.  After all, I write this blog, right? And I’m pretty engaged on social media (check out Instagram and the latest video about this post). I also love streaming video – so nice not to look at commercials. And I email, text, watch Vines.  You know, the usual.

What I love about newspapers and books is the tactile experience of reading – touching the paper. I can pause, make notes, reflect about the story. Sure, the same can be said about digital copies but, you can’t hold the pages in your hands. And that’s the important part of the experience for me. Real-world paper gives me a real-world connection with the author. So, when I read a newspaper or book, it feels more personal.

I’m just as particular about giving gift cards. As hard as it can be to buy gifts for some friends, a gift card just doesn’t feel like a “real” present.  Where’s the effort? Where’s the feeling of thinking about someone and being inspired to get a gift that fits the friendship and the person?

We all need a little help now and then for ideas. I can understand that. That’s why I take notes when a friend mentions something they love – on my phone – see? – tech can be very helpful! I spend the whole year thinking about my guy friends; about the things that would really make their eyes pop or at least make them smile. And, you can’t get that with a gift card. Not really.

Here’s my 2018 list – Gifts for Men:

Clase Azul Tequila. Maybe you’re thinking, what? Seriously, great tequila is a delicacy that a lot of my male friends really enjoy. And each bottle is a unique work of art. This year, I picked Clase Azul. To be perfectly honest, it’s become one of my favorite sipping tequilas so I make sure I always have a bottle in my bar at home too.

Wine Opener from L’Atelier Du Vin. Everyone needs a good one. And, for those who love wine, invariably you’ll have one or two that are either broken or not great. Get a good one from L’Atelier Du Vin for your friend so he’ll always be able to properly open the bottle of wine you brought to his party.

The Art of Shaving. My dad used to shave with a straight razor. Then everyone went to electric shavers because they were easier. And for a while, hand razors (with 3 or 5 blades) became the thing. Now, some guys are going back to ‘old school’ shaving. The Art of Shaving has them all. But if you really want to open some eyes, get him a straight razor kit, complete with shaving cream and a badger hair brush all in a cool travel kit!

Beanie & Scarf from Bloomingdale’s. If you live in cold weather, then what could be better than a cool beanie and scarf set from “Bloomies”? Even if you live in sunny Cali, there are enough cool days where a gift like this will warm the heart. Seriously – they’re so soft and warm – touch them to make sure they’re as soft as you want! The beanies and scarves, I mean.

Bang & Olufsen Wireless Headphones. This is one of those, “oh yeah,” gifts for the special guy. Of course, who doesn’t appreciate audio gear from B&O? But how about the Beoplay E8 – a truly great set of wireless Bluetooth headphones! Perfect for a power workout or a stroll around the neighborhood.

S’Well Water Bottle. Help him bring his own water to the gym and stay hydrated wherever he goes. And, look fashionable to boot! They have so many styles and treatments to choose from. I personally love the wood look – very masculine!

Sandro Travel Toiletry Bag. All men can use a new one. What’s not to like about one from Sandro of Paris? This one is so very stylish and roomy – it will fit everything he needs for a trip and it’s made from a durable “pique” nylon with leather details.

Okay, maybe I make this look a bit easy. But, the point is to put thought into your gifts – always think about what your friends would use and love to receive. Trust me, it will put a smile on your face when you see the look on theirs when they open your present.

Tips for Wrapping Presents for the Holidays

Fran Berger and Gift Wrapping tips

Isn’t it time to change up your Christmas wrapping skills?

I was always the gift wrapper at my house while growing up. The rest of my family thought it was a big chore, but I loved it. I turned every gift into a work of art. Some of my neighbors even turned to me for help with a “really special” gift.

Even when I was pretty young – like ten years old – my wrapped gifts were real stand-outs. I created themes for every gift I wrapped. Sometimes the theme was based on the individual, sometimes the relationship. Lots of times the theme was set for whatever occasion we were celebrating: birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations – and, oh yes, the holidays.

Back then, when I had nothing else to do but homework and chores, gift wrapping was a great distraction. I dreamed of different ways I could wrap presents. One year, I used aluminum foil and sparkly ribbons. Another year, it was newspaper – the sports page, the daily comics, or the Sunday funnies. One time, my dad had a friend who was a very successful entrepreneur. I used the stock pages from the newspaper with black ribbon (you know, because he was in the “black”?) – and wrapped a birthday present for him. I got a very nice compliment from them both.

I still wrap presents for friends and family. But these days, putting a theme together for gift wrapping is a lot easier. There are so many options now – stores have whole departments dedicated to people like me. Take a look at the options they have at The Container Store. I can browse a catalog like this for hours.

Here are my tips for making your holiday gift wrapping fun, and not such a chore.

First, you need a large clear, flat, hard surface to wrap presents. The floor will work, but be kind to your knees and back. Most important, make sure that whatever surface you have is flat enough and hard enough to make nice sharp creases.

Second, get all your tools and wrapping supplies together. That means having tape, sharp scissors, whatever you decide to use for paper and ribbon all in one place and ready to use. Your “next-level” tools could be double-sided tape (so you can hide the tape edges) and an old but reasonably sharp paring knife. Line up the edges of the paper, fold it where you want to cut, press a hard crease on that fold and slide the knife along the crease – presto – very precise and straight cuts!

Third, snacks for the gift wrapper and an excellent soundtrack. Of course, right?  Just be careful to keep your hands clean.  Fingerprints aren’t part of the plan!

I keep different papers on hand – for whatever season or occasion. I even hold onto the little scraps that are larger than my hand for the small gifts and keep those wrapped around the paper rolls. But maybe you’re worried about crunching the edges of the paper rolls when you shove them into a closet.

Here’s an easy solution for keeping wrapping paper safe. Buy several shipping tubes that are large enough to store two or three rolls of paper. Make sure that you get the types that have the plastic caps that insert into the tube. Label the tubes and pull them out when you need them (little scraps and all).

But if you want to make the gift even more special, you’ll want to go out and purchase paper that matches a theme you set for the receiver. Buy ribbons to match the theme and color of the wrapping paper. I love satin ribbons for the holidays; in particular, the ribbons with wire edges that make them so much more fun. But who says ribbon only? Try raffia or yarn (or raffia and yarn together).

Some items may need a gift box as well. Here comes The Container Store to the rescue with really easy to use pre-made gift boxes.

Don’t forget tissue (again, in colors to match the theme). And, remember gift labels or cards – you want to be sure that the person receiving your gift knows who to thank. But, sometimes gift bags are just the thing for that weird shaped gift.

My last and best tip – make it fun and make sure you put some joy into each gift you wrap.

How to Plan Your Holiday Shopping

holiday shopping - black friday - cyber monday

SIX SHOPPING TIPS to help you from being “cyber-crazy” this holiday.


It’s that time again – time for the year-end holiday traditions: the Christmas office party, finger foods, holiday decorations, and gifts. OMG, did you forget the Secret Santa Gift – again? You rush headlong into the mall and BAM – you’re smack in the middle of another tradition: the start of holiday shopping season.

Take a breath and remember that it only happens once a year. Retailers have been calling the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday” for more than 60 years. The theory is that the term “Black Friday” originally came from the Philadelphia police department because thousands of people would descend on the city the day after Thanksgiving ahead of the annual Army/Navy football game on Saturday.  The stores took advantage of the crowds with big sales and the police were stuck with long and very busy shifts.  They weren’t happy.  But, the shoppers were!

Why the rush? It’s historically a day when retailers pull out all the stops to get shoppers into their stores. Retailers called it “Black Friday” because the volume of sales could put a retail store back into “the black” with enough profit to cover the entire year.

It’s also, historically, the best day of the year to get a great deal on all those holiday gifts you want to buy for friends – and for yourself. But these days, it doesn’t stop there. If you’re an online shopper like many people are now, you can avoid the crowds, the lines, the hassle of brick and mortar shopping, and get in on some pretty good deals. Retailers got wise pretty quickly and created “Cyber Monday” just for you.

The whole weekend has morphed into the biggest shopping weekend of the year (sales begin to be advertised more than a week before with some retailers posting ads as early as October); enough cyber-crazy to produce more than $3 billion in sales last year. Some retailers will also push out good deals through Tuesday. So, from Thursday (with some starting midnight Wednesday night) to Tuesday, you can literally shop until you drop – or your fingers get too tired!  Big Retailers already have their ads out for Black Friday.  If the retailers are planning that far in advance then it just makes sense then that we should plan ahead too, right?

Here are Six easy tips to help you survive this holiday shopping season and not spend more than you planned:

Tip One – Make your shopping lists for everything including electronics (iPhone, Xbox, etc.) and set the price that you’re willing to pay now. That way you can jump on the deals when you recognize them.

Tip Two – The technology deals are best on Thanksgiving and Black Friday but some may get better the closer to Cyber Monday/Tuesday you get.  But, don’t wait and hope to see a lower price than the one you’re happy with because it’s possible the item will sell out before the end of the day.  Remember – once an item is sold out the store will not honor the sale price – if it’s sold out – it’s sold out.  Cyber Monday has gotten pretty good for “soft goods” like clothing, shoes, even beauty products. There are even great deals on travel – mostly for year-round presales for resort hotels and spas.

Tip Three – Buy from companies you know – Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, eBay, and so on.  The holidays are a very bad time to test out a new online shopping experience.

Tip Four – DOUBLE check the return policies – because you never know. Remember that whatever the store policy was last year, it’s a good bet they’ve changed it this year.

Tip Five – Don’t forget to check shipping terms and conditions. Sometimes you’ll find excellent deals that can save you a bundle on shipping. How about that Secret Santa gift? Remember that the faster you want something, the higher shipping costs. It only makes sense.  All the more reason to plan ahead and shop with plenty of time to spare.  About that sometimes nasty shipping cost – if you’re a late shopper you may have traded one hell for another. Your choice might be to either get swallowed up by the thick crowds at the mall or be hammered by very expensive overnight shipping costs.

A friend told me about her experience last year. She waited until the very last week to do her holiday shopping online and wound up paying hundreds of dollars in rush shipping fees to make sure that the gifts arrived on time. She said that one gift that she bought cost less than the overnight shipping fees. I was astounded.

Tip Six is for the deep divers: I found this great stream on The Verge for the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals all in one place. The deals change quite a bit, so go back and check it often.

Keep it fun!

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Women

Fran Berger_gifts-for-girlfriends

All you have to do is think about what you’d want as a present.

We all want to give the perfect holiday gift to our friends – especially our girlfriends.  Last week, I posted a holiday gift guide for our guy friends and the response (mostly from the guys I know) was incredibly positive. They loved all of my suggestions – with some of them saying that I must have read their minds!

Because I’d helped them with “guy” gifts, a few friends (both men and women) wondered about gift ideas for close female friends and family. Here’s my big tip of the day: if you like it, chances are, your girlfriends will love it too.  The trick is to first think about either what they love to do or what their activities are.  Sometimes it’s enough just to hear them say: “I wish I could do more…” to discover the best gift ideas.

Let’s take a look at my list:

When I travel, I like to stay organized. I used to use plastic bags for everything – standard and easy to find but not very cute.  Then I found these cool canvas travel bags from “Bag-All.”  They’re lightweight, easy to clean, and they organize all my travel stuff nicely: dirty laundry, my hair stuff, toiletry, and makeup. They have so many different sizes and shapes.  Some of the bags have French printed on the front.  They even have a “pink collection” where 15% of the sales go to breast cancer research. How cool is that? An ideal gift for the friend who loves, like me, to stay organized while they’re on the road. $28-30 each.

We are all trying to reduce how many plastic water bottles we use in our daily lives so – how about a water bottle? This is not your average plastic water bottle, but a really beautiful and fresh design in a ton of colors and patterns. It’s from “SwellBottle” –  spelled ‘S’Well’ – and it makes a real statement with a small footprint. The 500ml bottle is perfect for spin class and keeps drinks cold all day. $40

How about a friend who’s into the zodiac? Or, maybe they just like to keep their pretty things in a fabulous designer marble box? Michael Aram has a collection of beautiful boxes. I got the “Gemini” Zodiac box because, you know, that’s MY sign. There’s an original design for each of the 12 zodiac signs. I’m going to use this to put my earrings in at night.  It’s just too pretty not to use! $100

Speaking of cool designer containers – L’Objet has this porcelain candle jar that caught my attention. I think this is an especially unique gift for the friend who has a taste for simple elegance. Because I don’t love heavily scented candles this one is perfect with a beautiful clear scent called “Pink Champagne.” Elephants are used to symbolize general good luck and many Feng Shui practitioners believe that elephants should have their trunks facing upwards.  So, the elephant on the lid is going to bring luck, everyone can use a little. You can buy direct or look up a store near you. $135

If your friend loves to get cozy after a nice warm bath or curl up in front of a lit fireplace – this is the gift for them! I absolutely fell for this grey cashmere robe designed by Chris Arlotta. With a great shawl collar and simple tie belt to close – it’s the perfect design.  It’s available from Bloomingdale’s. $398

One more for the serious traveler.  I saw the Oslo 4-wheel Compact Carry-on from Tumi and instantly thought – this was the one for me. For its size and profile, it’s ideal for toting a laptop or pad safely and any files you might need not to mention enough space for at least an overnight trip.  It will easily fit in almost any overhead storage – perfect.  $495

And if you can imagine yourself swooning after you received one of these items as a gift, then that’s the right one to give!

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Men

gifts for your guy friends

Don’t settle for predictable – get an early start and go for the unexpected!

One of the most difficult things to do is to find the perfect holiday gift for the man in your life.  Maybe you’re thinking, “OH, it’s not even Thanksgiving – I’ve got plenty of time to pick holiday gifts!” Sure, there is still time – but time seems to be moving faster and faster these days. And, the best gifts are the ones where thought and preparation has gone into the selection. You can’t get that with a last-minute dive into “mall hell.” Seriously.

My mother taught me that one way to ‘be prepared’ was to get an early start. That way you can take your time, think about who you’re buying for and pick just the right gift. I have a few tried and true tips for finding that perfect present for the men in your life.

First – Men like the unexpected; they enjoy being surprised. And, it doesn’t take a lot of money to do either – just a bit of creativity.  For instance, if you want the gift to be memorable, then avoid the obvious (predictable) choices. Like sports gifts. Don’t assume that just because your male friend watched the World Series means that he’s enough of a fan to want a monogrammed “team” hoodie. And gift cards? Gift cards of any kind are a definite sign that you don’t have time to put even a little thought into the gift. Yeah, I get the “office party gift” angle, but for a personal friend? Seriously?

Second – think about where you and your friend agree on what I like to call “fashion and distraction.” When I think of fashion as a gift, I think about how my friend reacts to fashion big names. Some guys just like something because it’s cool, not because it’s popular. As for distractions, think about something that’s NOT work-related. Seriously, giving your guy friend a set of beautiful ballpoint pens may seem like a great gift if he collects them, but personally, that’s like giving a woman a vacuum cleaner. Don’t get me started on some of the anniversary gifts I’ve received over the years.

Third – and this is probably the most important one. I think it’s great to be generous, but I try to never overwhelm my friends. There’s an old English proverb that says there is no grace in a gift that sticks to the fingers nor the soul. I can go crazy when giving to a special friend and might spare no expense. But not when it’s someone I’m just getting to know – the last thing you want to do is make the friend feel uncomfortable. And to be honest – the very best gifts are the ones that have had a lot of thought put into them – not the ones that necessarily cost the most.

Whatever you do, keep it fun. Here are some suggestions for just about every guy on your list…

I love these colorful socks styled by Ted Baker.  They have so much personality!  Guys in suits look pretty cool with a dash of color.  This is a great gift for the guy who likes to be a bit fashion forward.  $15

How about a “Rabbit” flask from Bloomingdale’s? This is an extraordinarily cool gift for the friend who likes to take along their favorite scotch whiskey on an outing or to the game. Also, check out other barware gifts made by Rabbit , they make my favorite wine opener. $50

If your guy likes to wear hats then check out these knit beanies by The Kooples? I found mine at Bloomingdale’s, but they seem to sell out fast. I got the striped wool beanie because I loved the two tone. Then I went back and got the solid black ribbed one. By the way, they’re a French brand that is sold all over Europe and is going fast in the US. Yes… that trendy. $65

You know a guy who likes to primp a bit? I found this great grooming kit called Saturdays NYC, celebrating GQ’s 60th anniversary (GQ60). GQ did an exclusive partnership with Bloomingdale’s, and this is the ultimate “Chaz” bag with all the essentials. $135

Not every guy is into sports, but I don’t know a single guy friend who doesn’t like his tech. And for music, you got to get him the latest PowerBeats3 wireless earphones. I like these earphones because the ear loop holds the buds in a bit more snuggly for a full sound which is great whether your guy is at the gym or just hanging out.  $199

And finally, for that really special friend, how about a wonderful black leather E/W Messenger Bag? This bag makes a statement, and it’s beautifully made. The leather and craftsmanship are excellent. Large enough to carry a 15” MacBook and light enough to just tour around. Made by Shinola – you remember, the company that used to make boot polish? Who would know, right? $795

Whatever gifts you find for your guy friends, just remember to think about who they are and how they live and you’ll never go wrong!