Relationship Recipes

"Let's work together to turn your Table into a Celebration of life and Savor every Moment with the ones you love."

– Fran Berger

What is Relationship Cuisine?

It's Fran's exclusive "recipe" for creating and nurturing significant relationships.

Relationship Cuisine encourages an awareness of how meals are prepared - and with whom - as we learn to notice and embrace the unique flavors, textures, aromas, presentation and healthy benefits that food provides. Family and friends learn how to participate fully in this culinary experience - becoming aware of the food's preparation, appreciating its satisfying ingredients and wholesomeness.

Spend time around Fran's Table and learn how to make the most of your dining experience...

  • Stir it up in the kitchen. Cooking together is a great recipe for connecting. Creating a tasty meal with a partner or your family is a loving and sensual experience, since cooking heightens all of the senses. Remember... collaboration nurtures connection.
  • Nurturing Relationships in Every Lifestyle. Finding balance in your life means you can have it all! Make time for family, friends and loved ones and share the foods you all can enjoy. A hectic life does not mean that you can’t have the relationships you want and the satisfying and tasty meals you love. Eat for Life!
  • Discover New Cuisines. Ramp up your palate! Add spice to your life with more sophisticated food experiences, enhanced by unique flavors and cultural stories behind the recipe, whether it's in your kitchen or in an exciting restaurant. Every meal can be an adventure - integrating new, exhilarating culinary trends and food preparation.


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