Too Many Steps?

One thing I know when I’m looking for something new to cook is that it has to be simple. I don’t mean three ingredients and one pot (although if you have a recipe how-to-build-a-cookbook-holder-in-5-simple-steps_900_1374764630like that and it tastes great – let me know!), but one that has a reasonably short(ish) grocery list and fits all on one page (ingredients and instructions). If the item list is too long or the steps and explanations take up two pages and my eyes start to cross – Forget it.

I’m a firm believer that a delicious meal can be planned for and cooked without making me crazy. I may choose to be crazy anyway (like with plating or making too many items for a party) but the actual recipe can be quite simple and tasty. It’s the old adage – Keep it Simple Stupid. Works every time.

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